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Managing Difficult People

2 days
£799 (+VAT)
CPD accredited
Run In-company
12 CPD points
Understand how to turn difficult, unproductive staff into motivated, productive team members, with this insightful people management course.


Who is it for?

If you’re interested in learning about managing difficult people, this course offers the training required to get the best out of your staff in the workplace. Aimed at managers who consider one or more members of their team to be 'difficult', and HR professionals who are looking to learn best practice in this area, the Managing Difficult People course is a useful training tool for those who deal regularly with people.

What is it about?

Dealing with difficult people is a challenge that can consume your time, energy and resources. To avoid this you need a management strategy that helps you deal effectively with the problem behaviour, and helps individuals become cooperative and productive members of the team. This interactive course uses case studies and group feedback to help you find the best approach for you, to facilitate increased workplace harmony.

What will I get out of it?

  • A better understanding of the root causes of difficult behaviour

  • The confidence to stop one member of the team demoralising the others

  • The skills to adapt your management style to suit different personalities

  • Role play sessions with actors to practice your skills in realistic scenarios

What will I learn?

  • Learn management strategy to get the best from those who:

    • say they will do things but don't deliver

    • disrupt the team’s performance

    • are ambitious but easily frustrated

    • are often aggressive when dealing with you or others

    • are overly cynical and destroy team morale

    • desire promotion but aren't ready

    • refuse to accept feedback and do not respond to standard performance management processes

  • Understand what can trigger difficult behaviour

  • Identify different types of personalities and plan strategies for dealing with individuals

  • Be aware of communication barriers and learn how to handle emotion

  • Achieve effective results through continual performance management

  • Understand the legal issues surrounding performance management for difficult people

  • Be aware of ulterior motives for conflict

  • Know when to involve HR

  • Uncover inspirational approaches to managing difficult people and situations

This course utilises interactive learning methods to ensure a 'real world' understanding of the issues. Training tools include role plays, case studies and group feedback

Run in-company

All of our courses can be delivered in-company at a location of your choice.

As a general rule, if you have three or more employees with similar learning needs, an in-company programme will be the most efficient and cost-effective choice for you.

You can choose to run the course exactly as we have outlined here (standard) or we can customise it so that it meets your specific needs. A tailored offering is likely to follow the standard outline but may be adapted, for example to include your own terminology, branding or examples. A bespoke offering is where we align our learning expertise to your specific organisational needs. This could be anything from adding to existing content to designing completely new experiences.

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£799 (+VAT)
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£799 (+VAT)
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£799 (+VAT)