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Learn all the essential techniques to successfully motivate and manage a team, with this comprehensive introduction to management course.


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2 days


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Who is it for?

The Introduction to Management course covers core management skills that can be applied to almost any management role or industry sector. Aimed at those whose role requires them to directly manage others, the Introduction to Management course is a popular choice for managers who have not had any formal training and those who are relatively new to management. It is also useful as a refresher course for managers with more experience who wish to explore best practice for communicating, motivating and leading a team.

What is it about?

Managing others can be one of the toughest challenges we face at work, covering a huge range of responsibilities and tasks. This Introduction to Management course gives a complete overview of what a manager needs to know and covers technical development and relationship skills. At the end of the course, learners will leave with a thorough understanding of what good management looks like, and how to use it to get the best from others.

The Introduction to Management course from Reed Learning covers the parts of management that new managers often find most difficult, like providing feedback and addressing underperformance. Every manager attending this course will leave with a practical action plan, improved confidence, and a best-practice toolkit that will make a real difference back at work.

Participants attending this management course can also attend a Rapid Review Virtual Classroom afterwards for free. We recommend that a learner leaves a three to six month gap before attending this to ensure that they have had time to put their new management skills into practice.

The Virtual Classroom Introduction to Management - Rapid Review provides more expert advice and gives learners the opportunity to access coaching and support. You can find more details and dates here.

What will I get out of it?

  • Clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a manager

  • The confidence to develop and apply your own skills in line with management best practice

  • A sound understanding of how to positively manage performance

  • The ability to clarify, monitor and evaluate performance against agreed objectives

  • A happier, more motivated and better supported team built on each individual’s strengths

  • The chance to practise your skills with professional actors

Blended Learning

This course is a blended learning experience, allowing you to continue to develop your skills back at work. As part of the course you will receive the following eFresher (eLearning) modules and MP3s

eFresher modules
  • Management Styles

  • Motivation and Reward

  • Team Dynamics

MP3 modules
  • Inspiring your team

  • Getting the best

  • Delivering results

  • The art of leadership

  • Developing the future

Virtual Classroom – Rapid Review

A free of charge virtual coaching session to enhance the transfer of learning to the workplace

What will I learn?

The purpose of a manager

  • The principles of achieving results through other people

  • How to identify and overcome the common management pitfalls

  • Understanding the multiple aspects to the management role, and getting the balance between them

Leadership and management 

  • The distinction and the relationship between management and leadership

  • How management style can impact upon an organisational climate

  • The management styles continuum and when to adapt

  • Practical management styles exercise with feedback

  • Key principles of decision making to demonstrate effective leadership

Effective delegation and gaining co-operation

  • Exploring the benefits and overcoming the barriers to delegation

  • How to delegate using a planned, methodical, structured approach

  • Practical delegation exercise using a “live” task

  • Building relationships and co-operation with other departments

Motivational techniques 

  • Identifying the need to motivate and the link to performance

  • Defining motivation and exploring motivational theory

  • Practical motivational ideas, tips and techniques

Managing performance 

  • The importance of managing, maintaining, and driving performance

  • How to set clear, unambiguous goals

  • Exploring a structure for delivering practical feedback

  • Identifying different feedback interventions

Practical exercise

  • The opportunity to put into practice key techniques and structures learned during the course with trained actors


This course can be taken as part of our Chartered Management Institute Level 3 Certificate in First Line Management. The qualification aims to give aspiring and existing managers the foundation for their formal development. It's an excellent introduction to core management skills for anyone with limited experience or without formal training.

You can achieve a Level 3 Award in First Line Management by completing a written assessment after this course.

Anyone attending this course will be able to accredit their learning towards these qualifications. Talk to one of our learning advisers on 0800 170 7777 to find out how you can get qualified.

Run In – house

Complete your details below to request more information on running this course in-house. You can choose a customisation level to indicate how much you would like to adapt this course to your organisation's needs:

A standard offering will include exactly the content shown in the outline. A tailored offering is likely to follow the standard outline but may be adapted, for example to include your own terminology, branding or examples. A bespoke offering is where we align our learning expertise to your specific organisational needs. This could be anything from adding to existing content to designing completely new experiences.

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