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Creating Compelling Documents with Microsoft Word

1 day
£350 (+ VAT)
CPD accredited
Run In-company
6 CPD points


Who is it for?

This course will help anyone who uses Microsoft Word to create business documents more efficiently.

What is it about?

This course focuses on using the best tools in Microsoft Word to create professional documents quickly, simply and effectively. This workshop will give learners time to discuss, share ideas and views on document creation and the opportunity to work on their own documents. Your facilitator will work with you to help you apply new skills to your own documents.

What will I get out of it?

  • Knowledge of the current trends and best practices in document creation

  • Time saving techniques

  • Improvements to your existing documents

What will I learn?

  • Maintaining formatting consistency and eliminating errors using the Style tools

  • Formatting using best practice to save time later

  • Managing the graphic tools to emphasise key points

  • Using references and links to assist navigation

  • Creating a library of standard content to speed up document creation

  • Working with Templates to save time on repetitive documents

Run in-company

All of our courses can be delivered in-company at a location of your choice.

As a general rule, if you have three or more employees with similar learning needs, an in-company programme will be the most efficient and cost-effective choice for you.

You can choose to run the course exactly as we have outlined here (standard) or we can customise it so that it meets your specific needs. A tailored offering is likely to follow the standard outline but may be adapted, for example to include your own terminology, branding or examples. A bespoke offering is where we align our learning expertise to your specific organisational needs. This could be anything from adding to existing content to designing completely new experiences.

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